Carpe Diem

Seize the day…and that is exactly what I decided to do! Now if any of you out there actually know me, you know that normally I am a well planned…OK over planned, individual.

In light of all of this talk about listening to your body when it tells you to eat and what it wants you to eat, thanks fashionablenerd, I took it a step further and decided, out of nowhere mind you,  that I was going back to school. Yes that’s right kids, I literally had a “Legally Blond” moment. I swear I was out shopping in SoHo and decided, ya know…I should go back to school…next month…at New York University…for Human Resources! And just like that kids, I became a Bobcat.

Now I know some of you out there are wondering who the hell lets someone into their school just because. Don’t worry, I was thinking the same thing. Apparently when I went to FAMU I showed promise…as in regardless of the foolishness I may spout on the daily, I’m kind of smart…underneath it all.

So go ahead and wish me luck. But as you are pondering my recent randomness, you should also decide to seize your day. Why not? Who could be loads of fun and hot guys along that way. Thats more than enough reason for my to spend my company’s money like water!


It’s the end of the world as we know it!

And I feel fine. Actually I am desperately trying to figure out what the kcuf is going on! First another crane fell out of the sky…real random like. After I assured Fashionablenerd that I was not in fact anywhere near the crane when it fell, but in fact, in my bed followed by the spa all with no knowledge of what she was talking about, I came to the conclusion that New York was insane and I was insane for moving here. Since this is not the first crane that has fallen in a 5 month period, but about the 4th one, I shall skip that topic.

Just when I though that I had pre-judged NYC, a man about 50 years old sauntered over to my 25 year old ass and told me, “You are so fine. If you were mine, you would turn my heart to sweet wine”, as he was on his way to the dry cleaners in the opposite direction with his Sunday-going-to-meeting-clothes. I wish was creative enough (ha) to have made that up, but alas…it is a true story. He then went on to tell me that his daughter is 27 and studying to be a doctor. And if I wanted, he could be my “daddy” too. EWW! Thats just nasty. I’m mad at the Viagra company right now. PLUS he didn’t have any teeth! Just nasty!

Then Obama won the nomination of the party. Yay Obama! Somebody please tell me why Hillary has yet to concede? Now I understand that she is a woman and may very well not want to admit defeat. We can be stubborn like that sometimes. But really Hill, he won. Let it go!

But my biggest clue is when Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright supposedly said something along the lines of white people introduced AIDS to the general black population! The media is calling it the “God damn America rant”. What the hell would make him say this is beyond my understanding. Yes he is allowed to feel this way if he wants, but gracious sakes! He knew Obama was taking major heat for his actions and comments. But what is even more baffling to me, Obama swears he had no idea that Wright would make such comments. Huh? Come again please? I obviously missed something.

I am by no means saying that Obama can control Wrights actions, nor am I saying that Obama agrees or disagrees with the comments. What I am saying, is if Wright has been Obama’s pastor for 20 years. baptized the girls, provided guidance and all that other stuff that comes with being a pastor how could he not be familiar with his doctrine. It’s no secrete that Wright and Farrakhan are buddies. It certainly is no new news how Farrakhan feels about white America. Actually the whole AIDS comment sounds more like a Farrakhan comment. Trust me…I would know. I am just a little confuggled (translation: confused as fuck).

Help me out….am I crazy? Have I finally lost it? Is the world really going to hell in a hand basket? If so, I wonder how much condos cost down there? Can I live at 2008 Burnt and Crispy Lane?

The View…stop sucking.

Today I had the pleasure of watching The View. Normally its really funny. But today they mentioned Morehouse College had their first white valedictorian in all of their 140 years. Shari then said they should have this guy on the show to talk about his experience at the college. WHY because he is white and decided to attend a “Negro” school? This is the craziest thing I have heard all week and Its Friday! This is saying a lot since I live in NYC.

Now I have a few problems with this entire conversation. Obviously I’m “Negro” and went to a “Negro” University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). Obviously I applied to non “Negro” colleges as well. During my time at FAMU, obviously there where white students there. Hey it is a historically “Negro” school, not all “Negro”. So my issue with The View is this, why suddenly would they want to interview one white student because he excelled at the “Negro” school? That is nuts!

Heaven forbid that a “Negro” school be just as good to a white kid as a white school is to a “Negro” kid. Heaven forbid that you receive a quality education. Really? Sistah! think about the things that come out of your mouth before you say them. Yes my experience would have been very different had I chosen Princeton over FAMU. Yes the gentleman is the first white valedictorian. Yes this is “history”. But must you say it in such a condescending tone that is so unbelievably acceptable because you happen to have a television show? Really? So since we are interviewing people that excel out of their element, lets also interview all of the “Negro” kids that do well at white schools. And lets not forget the foreign ones and the single parents too. Oh and what about the “Negro” kids that are mistreated at white schools but excel anyway? We could do one big show and call it “Faces of kids who should have failed”. We can make it a 2 hour special and hound them until they all break down and cry, because crying makes good t.v. Whoopi and Shari, you sound crazy. Please work on that.

**My constant usage of the word Negro was not intended to be offensive. It was however said to be the acceptable term to use when addressing a black person by Whoopi and Shari today. They said that it is fine for blacks to say things like, “Negro please”, or call each other Negro. So I decided to try it out. Yeah…still unacceptable. And we wonder why there is so much black hate in America.
The View…Stop sucking.!**

***Please pardon my terrible spelling earlier today. I was just that pissed. I can now see in colors other than red.***

Hello world!

WOW! I have blog of my own! GO ME GO! So as you can imagine, this blog will be my thoughts on life. I must tell you now that I can not control the foolishness in the world, but I can comment on it. So I hope you enjoy my blog. So as I always tell my friends… don’t let my bias opinions sway ya!